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Palisander company was founded in 1972 by Naser Ghahramani. Since studying his bachelor in University, he found himself loving and passion in interior design. Given the opportunity to make a fresh start and do something creative, he decided to open his small workshop. He started designing and manufacturing some furniture for a local showroom, yet the demand quickly grew and more customers started asking for more furniture. Meanwhile according to the increase of demand and interests in his, in 1998, Mr Ghahramani expanded his workshop and started to develop his business by designing and manufacturing luxury furniture for worldwide boutiques. Nowadays, Palisander Group consists of high skilled and esteemed architects, which has been known as the valuable luxury brand. Even with its tremendous success, Palisander Company remains family owned business, cooperating with his sons, in order to maintain high quality of production and having the main control of business operation. Palisander Group design created the image of luxurious and trusted for high quality company in the field of design industry by having the cooperation with well-known organization in the same industry such as:
Commercial buildings
Ceremonial houses
High rise towers
Elegant restaurants and luxury villas